Saturday, July 31, 2010

Welcome to the real school of firebending

NOTE: please forgive me if my English is bad, images are added to get people curiosity nothing is my image. Please continue with your own risk. I am not demanding , requesting or trying any of these two indirectly, to practice or do any of the things i tell you. this blog is for an absolute time pass for who don't believe ..i am zuko [fake name].. i gonna share my experiment to become a real fire bender.

At the beginning I was as normal as a normal human being, I never realized what i can do. i though bending elements are nothing more than a stupid fantasy stuff good enough to be in a movie rather in the real life. What is a real life? is that the life we live now ? waking up every day , filling our empty stomach, dressing up and doing some filthy work for some filthy owners and masters who enslave us for an stupid illusion called money [we are slaves of our own mind], and we proud to say that bending elements and God is an illusion.Any way that's not my problem, all i want to tell you is that there are people who can actually bend elements and not much aware of it.I realized that I have the ability in fire bending . I promise you that i am not a master in fire bending, i am just a beginner a student who wants to share his own experience in the path of bending.

        At first let me tell you what i can do, then you can decide whether i am a fake or true all my words are truth and i don't demand or request your trust. try it on your own risk, because once you started to do this there is no going back, you will learn why i am saying this, in fore coming articles, lecture or whatever..
heat in normal human body
  1.  i can increase my body temperature ,and i can take all my body heat to my limbs [both feet and palms] and transfer the heat to the outside world. [mastering it, i can burn things] 
  2. I can vaporize water from a wet cloth [few amount for few seconds only, mastering it, I will make wonders]
  3. finally i can bend a candle fire in all the directions [mastering it, i can grow the fire, just like a real fire bender].
Believing me is not what i want , all i need is to share my experience . Thanks